About JangoCell

JangoCell is a laboratory products and cell biology services provider specializing in stem cell technologies. JangoCell is a subsidiary of JangoBio, a biotechnology company targeting aging and age-related diseases using regenerative stem cell therapies. JangoBio was started in Madison, WI in 2015, and JangoCell grew out of that company, becoming an independent subsidiary in 2018. We started JangoCell with the aim of providing the exceptional stem cell products that we were producing through our own research to the rest of the research community. We grew from there to providing a range of cell biology products and custom cell biology services. Our goal at JangoCell is to provide you with the products and services you need to advance your science. We accomplish this through personalized or individualized services, to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

JangoCell provides biological researchers with a wide range of products and services to support your ongoing research. Products include mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs; bone marrow-derived MSCs, adipose-derived MSCs, placental-derived MSCs, and umbilical cord-derived MSCs), immune cells (PBMCs and T-cells), classic cell culture media, cell culture reagents, cell-based assay kits, and cell culture consumables required to perform cutting edge cell biology.

As a cell contract research organization, JangoCell also offers custom services for researchers, including biomanufacturing and scalable cell expansion services (3D), ‘traditional’ cell culture services (2D), cell line development services, flow cytometry services, and cryostorage and cryopreservation of biological samples, as well as numerous downstream custom molecular biology services, for in vitro and preclinical data generation.

Leadership Team

Director of JangoCell

Tina Gonzales, M.S. | Director of JangoCell

Ms. Gonzales brings expertise in assay and cell line development to the generation of novel biologic products for the scientific research community. Her goal is to provide you with the research products you need and service you can trust. Please reach out should you like to discuss a custom order for a cell product that is not in our current product list.

Chief Operating Officer

Liana Loos-Austin, M.S. | Chief Operating Officer

Ms. Loos-Austin has decades of experience in sales and marketing as well as training in cellular and molecular biology. Her vast experience ranges from phone sales and customer support to product distribution and technical support. She makes sure every JangoCell customer gets their order in a timely manner and that someone is available to take your call to assist you.

Ronald Koopman

Ronald Koopman, B.A., QSSP | Director of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Koopman has 30 years in sales and marketing for Conney Safety Products, a subsidiary of WESCO. As a National Accounts Manager, he developed their largest accounts into strategic partners for long term reciprocal relationships. He coordinated programs with Walmart, Tyson Foods, Georgia Pacific (paper div), Smurfit Stone Container Corp and Stericycle and was a member of the WESCO Bids and Contracts Team.


Sivan Vadakkadath Meethal, Ph.D. | Director of Product Development

Dr. Meethal is a trained biochemist with expertise in endocrinology and cell cycle biology and has over 30 years of research experience in both the academic and industrial sectors. This includes experience with embryonic and adult stem cells, transformed cell lines, and various biochemical, biophysical, and molecular biology techniques. He oversees the production and testing of JangoCell’s products.

Dr. Steve Tardif - JangoCell, LLC

Steve Tardif, Ph.D. | Director of Reproductive Biology

Dr. Tardif has over 30 years of research and product-development experience in the fields of molecular biology, gamete physiology, reproductive biology, and in vitro fertilization. He studied auto-immune diseases involving regulatory T-cells and the molecular mechanisms implicated in gamete recognition and activation during fertilization. Steve has extensive experience in cell culture methods, flow cytometry techniques, fluorescent microscopy, cryopreservation and cell line development. He provides immeasurable scientific and technical support to JangoCell customers.

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