Preclinical Drug Discovery Services

Are you looking to develop drug candidates for your preclinical drug discovery studies? As a full-service cell contract research organization (CRO), JangoCell offers custom cell biology research services for your in vitro studies, including custom in vitro drug testing for preclinical development and testing of pharmaceutical therapies or cell-based therapies.

Cancer Studies

We can source or culture your tumor cell lines or provide cell isolation services using in vitro and in vivo tumor models, as well as provide characterization services for your transformed or immortalized cell line. JangoCell scientists can leverage cellular machinery to up-regulate or down-regulate proteins or other surface markers you need. We also offer custom cell research services for your specific tumor tissue or cancer cell type, perform in vitro drug testing, conduct toxicity studies, and provide immunohistochemistry services.

Pharmacology Studies

Our scientists have extensive experience with in vitro pharmacology studies for establishing biomarkers and efficacy endpoints, as well as with testing the efficacy and toxicity of therapeutics in existing, optimized, or newly developed in vitro and ex vivo cell- and tissue-based models of disease. We have experience with, and can provide, services related to the optimization of ex vivo and animal replacement models, as well as characterize and validate such models to support drug development activities.

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Why JangoCell? Reasonable Pricing for Services.

As cell biology researchers ourselves, we understand that most research is done within a budget. Therefore, we work hard to make our pricing reasonable and flexible so that you can cut down costs without sacrificing quality.

If there is a service you require that is not listed here, contact us for more information.

Some of the services we offer:

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