Primary Cell Services

JangoCell scientists and technicians have extensive experience in cell culture research and have expertise in the isolation and expansion of primary cells (primary cell culture). Our team can source or culture your primary cells, as well as isolate primary cells from multiple species, tissues, ages, and sexes, so you are always using the right cell type for your specific research needs.

Let us create the cell line for your next study!

We have expertise in cell isolation from primary tissues including brain, liver, lung, kidney, muscle, bone marrow, and heart. We also provide custom primary cell isolation services, cell line expansion services, and custom characterization services for your primary cell line, as well as cell transfection services, immortalized cell line generation services, and stable cell line generation service.

Additionally, our cell line expansion services offer scalable bioprocessing solutions for expansion of your cell line for downstream use, from 2D flask expansion for smaller projects to 3D bioreactor expansion for larger studies, as well as organoid and spheroid generation and culture. Contact us today to find out what our cell contract research services can do to accelerate and enhance your studies.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Primary cell line expansion services – scalable bioprocessing solutions
    • (2D) Flask expansion or (3D) Bioreactor expansion of cells
      • Small-scale expansion of cell culture
      • Large-scale expansion of cells for larger studies
    • Organoid generation services and organoid culture services
  • Upstream harvesting and culture of primary tissues and cells
    • Primary cell isolation services and primary cell culture from tissues including brain, liver, kidney, muscle, bone marrow, and heart
Why JangoCell? Every Customer Receives Personalized Service.

As a small business, we promise to always provide personalized service for each of our clients. Ask our current customers and they will tell you we are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure they are satisfied with our products or services.

Primary cell culture services

Some of our other services include:

We also provide downstream in vitro experimental services for your preclinical studies. JangoCell scientists will work with you to design and perform experiments, analyze the data, and provide research reports to help you move your research forward, faster.

If there is a service you require that is not listed here, contact us for more information.

Talk to us about how we can support and enhance your research.
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