Toxicity Studies

Do you need to conduct acute or chronic toxicity studies before moving to the next step of your research? As a full-service preclinical contract research organization (CRO), JangoCell offers custom cell biology research services for your in vitro studies, including custom in vitro drug testing for preclinical development and testing of pharmaceutical therapies or cell-based therapies, in addition to acute toxicity studies and chronic toxicity studies.

Assessment of cell viability / toxicity

We use a variety of methods to assess cell viability, apoptosis and toxicity. Cell viability is performed using traditional exclusion methods (fluorescent dyes, such as DAPI specific to the nuclei). Impaired cells allow dye penetration due to the cytotoxicity impeding membrane homeostasis, while in the live and healthy cells dye is pumped out; this results in the healthy cells showing a non-fluorescent phenotype and with dead cells being highly fluorescent. These cells can then be evaluated by flow cytometry, a statistically precise method. Cells are also counted and visualized under fluorescent microscopy. Staining of amine content is performed when working with fixed cells.

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Toxicity culture

Some of the services we offer:

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