Tumor Cell Services

Are you looking for a custom cell research organization with cell contract research services to develop an immortalized cell line for your cancer studies? Do you require a transformed cell line for your research model, or need cell line engineering services for the development of your tumor cell model? JangoCell scientists and technicians have decades of experience in the development, isolation, and expansion of transformed cell lines.

Cancer Research Services

We can source or culture your tumor cell lines or provide cell isolation services using in vitro and in vivo tumor models, as well as provide cell line expansion services and characterization services for your transformed or immortalized cell line. We also offer custom cell research services for your specific tumor tissue or cell type, conduct custom in vitro studies, including in vitro drug testing, toxicity studies, and immunohistochemistry services, and provide cell transfection services and immortalized cell line development services.

Additionally, our cell line expansion services offer scalable bioprocessing solutions for expansion of your transformed or immortalized cell line for downstream use, from 2D flask expansion for smaller projects to 3D bioreactor expansion for larger studies, as well as organoid and spheroid generation and culture. Contact us today to find out what our cell contract research services can do to accelerate and enhance your research.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Cell line expansion services – scalable bioprocessing solutions
    • (2D) flask expansion or (3D) bioreactor expansion of cells
      • Small-scale expansion of cell culture
      • Large-scale expansion of tumor cell lines for larger in vitro or in vivo studies
    • Custom biomanufacturing research services for your transformed or immortalized cell line
    • Organoid generation services and organoid cell culture
  • Upstream harvesting and culture of primary or transformed tissues and cells
    • Transformed cell isolation services and cell expansion services
      • Tumor cell isolation from multiple species, tissues, ages, and sexes
      • Transformed cell isolation from in vitro and in vivo tumor models
    • Custom cell line development services for in vitro and in vivo studies
Why JangoCell? Custom Orders Can be Differentiated by Species, Tissue Type, Sex, and Age.

At JangoCell we provide cells that are differentiated by species, tissue type, sex and age so as to provide the most appropriate cell type for your specific research. Sex and age can greatly affect the interpretation of results in preclinical research, therefore using the appropriate cell type for your specific study should be a primary consideration in basic research.

Cell research services

Some of our other services include:

We also provide downstream in vitro experimental services for your preclinical studies. JangoCell scientists will work with you to design and perform experiments, analyze the data, and provide research reports to help you accelerate your research studies.

If there is a service you require that is not listed here, contact us for more information.

Talk to us about how we can support and enhance your research.
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