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Custom Cell & Molecular Biology Services

Custom Cell and Molecular Biology Services


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JangoCell offers a wide range of custom cell and molecular biology services to help you generate the data you need for your cell and molecular biology experimentation. Our technicians have experience with stem, primary, and transformed cell lines for use in a wide range of cell biology experiments. We also perform all major molecular biology techniques, including gene and protein expression analyses, toxicity, apoptosis, immune and metabolic studies. Contact our research scientists who can design and perform experiments, analyze the data, and provide you with a research report.

Cell Biology Services

  • Expansion and maintenance of cell cultures
  • Cell proliferation, viability, cytotoxicity, and morphology
  • In vitro testing of compound of interest for pre-clinical development and testing of pharmaceutical or cell-based therapies
  • Cell line development
  • Tumor isolation and culture of cancer cells for in vitro and in vivo studies
  • Transfection of cell lines
  • Cell staining and imaging

Molecular Biology Services

  • Protein expression – Western blotting, immunohistochemistry
  • Enzymatic activity
  • Gene expression – PCR, RT-PCR
  • Lipid assays
  • Carbohydrate metabolism
  • Metabolic measurements
  • Protein determination
  • Hormone assays
  • Immune assays

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