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EZ-Open Top Flask by Nacalai USA


The EZ-Open Top cell culture flask makes cell and media retrieval quick and easy by giving direct access through a peel-open top.
Case of 20

NOTE: Made to order; 3 months lead time.

General Description

The EZ-Open Top cell culture flask by Nacalai USA features a peel-off cover that allows direct access to your cell culture, making cell and media retrieval quick and easy.

Typical cell culture flasks reduce the risk of contamination, but the small opening makes it difficult to access the cell culture, specifically when trying to retrieve cells. Furthermore, if cell scraping is necessary, it’s very cumbersome using a standard culture flask and some of your precious cells could be lost.

The peel-off cover is made from toxin-free PET/PE material, with an overlapping edge to make peeling it off easy and efficient. The cover material is transparent for easy visualization, including microscopic examination. The strong heat welding of the cover makes this culture vessel leak-proof, despite liquid content. The flasks are made of a high-quality polystyrene, have side volume graduations, and are tissue-culture treated. The filtered screw cap uses a 2.0 µm hydrophobic membrane for efficient gas exchange.


  • Peel-off cover allows easy access to the culture surface
  • High quality polystyrene, angled-neck flask is tissue-culture treated
  • Filtered screw cap with 2.0 µm hydrophobic membrane for efficient gas exchange
  • Peel-off cover is made of toxin-free PET/PE material
  • Leak-proof culture vessel with strong heat welding

*This flask cannot be re-closed after peel-off cover is removed. Only filter screw caps should be used with this product.

Supplied by Nacalai USA.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Flask Surface Area

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Catalog Number NU-3173-025 [25 cm2]; NU-3193-075 [75 cm2]; NU-3183-150 [150 cm2]
Manufacturer Nacalai USA
Lot Number Included with shipment
Material Polystyrene
Sterility Sterile
Quantity Case of 20
Packaging 10 flasks/pack for T25; 2 flasks/pack for T75 and T150
Shelf Life 1.5 years
Storage This product is stored at room temperature
Shipping Info Ambient temperature; Ships from manufacturer [Made to order; 3 month lead time]
Product Use This product is for research use only. It is not approved for use in humans, animals, or for diagnostic procedures.

Technical Resources

Sample Certificate of Analysis – EZ Open Top Flasks

All files supplied as PDFs

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