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SeedEZ 3D Cell Culture Scaffold by Lena Biosciences


Cell culture scaffold for complete 3D cell culture of organ-like tissue models and 3D cell-based assays


The SeedEZ cell culture scaffold by Lena Biosciences is a complete 3D cell culture and drug screening system. SeedEZ provides a convenient framework for organ-like tissue models and 3D cell-based assays, as it allows cells to grow in three dimensions as in living tissues.

The SeedEZ scaffold is composed of glass microfibers that are completely inert and transparent. The arrangement of the microfibers creates tiny pores that allow for the passage of nutrients and gases needed for cell survival. The abundance of room in the scaffold enables the cells to divide, branch out, and take on their natural geometry as if they were still inside the human body. In Addition, SeedEZ enables the cells to utilize their cadherin (cell to cell) and integrin (cell to extracellular matrix) receptors which are vital for tissue representative cell behavior, drug responses, and cell therapy outcomes. SeedEZ increases cell survival and metabolism, and allows for the study of cellular communication between different cell types.

SeedEZ is simple to use and works like a piece of paper. Simply pipette one or more cell types into the scaffold, plate in your choice of multi-well plate sizes, and incubate. Assays and imaging are run in situ. SeedEZ supports a wide range of cell types, including primary human neutrophils, T cells, B cells, cancer cells, and normal brain, bone, liver, and lung cells, and extracellular matrices, and is ideally suited for time-course biochemical assaying.

​Each order of 24-, 48-, and 96-well plate sizes of SeedEZ contain 24 sterile and ready-to-use scaffolds; orders for 6-well and 12-well plate sizes contain 6 scaffolds per pack. The 5 cm x 10 cm sample sheet (1/pack) can be cut to any size using sterile scissors. Also used with Lena Biosciences Perfused Organ Panel (Cat.#s: LB-2001-48/ LB-2001-12).

Ships within 1 week.

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Catalog Number LB-2004 (see variation)
Lot Number Included with shipment
Country of Manufacture USA
Quantity 24-, 48-, and 96-well sizes: 24 scaffolds/pack
6-well and 12-well sizes: 6 scaffolds/pack
5 cm x 10 cm sample sheet: 1 scaffold/pack
Packaging 1 package; one half of the contents of each pack per sterile section
Material Hydrophilic glass microfibers
Sterility Sterile
Features Can be used with PerfusionPal plates (Cat.#s: LB-2012 / LB-2048);
400 µm thick
Shelf Life 2 years from receipt
Storage Room temperature
Shipping Info Ships from manufacturer [standard shipping within 1 week]
Product Use This product is for research use only. It is not approved for use in humans, animals, or for diagnostic procedures.
References Neuroimmune activation and off-target toxicity testing of cell therapies using a novel brain-on-a-chip system. J.T. Shoemaker, J. Vukasinovic, C. Xu, Z. Wen, and M.C. LaPlaca. Society for Neuroscience 2018.

A perfused three-dimensional culture model of human cortical tissue. J. Vukasinovic, J.T. Shoemaker, and M.C. LaPlaca. Society for Neuroscience 2018.

A perfused 3D cell culture platform for preclinical drug screening. Shoemaker J.T. and Vukasinovic J.

New Frontiers in 3D Cell Culture-based Screening Technologies October 13, 2016. Baltimore, MD, USA.

United States Patent No. 9,334,473

Technical Resources

SeedEZ Quick Start Instructions
Safety Data Sheet for SeedEZ

All files supplied as PDFs