Serological Pipettes, Plugged, Bulk Packaging, Sterile by Sarstedt


Serological pipettes: with tip, plugged, PS, with +/- graduations, bulk sterile packaging

For cell culture and other work with sterile solutions in the ml range, we offer serological pipettes by Sarstedt. Available in 1 mL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, and 25 mL volumes. Made from transparent polystyrene and printed with a positive and negative scale. Serological pipettes are compatible with all common pipettor types, use the international color code for differentiation, and are available as individually wrapped sterile pipettes or in sterile bulk packaging.

Features of Sarstedt Serological Pipettes

  • Manufactured from transparent polystyrene
  • Simple identification using international color code on the pipette
  • Larger pipetting volume due to negative graduations
  • Variable handling due to counter reverse graduations
  • Universal fit in the most common pipetting aids
  • Easy to open, static-free packaging
  • Available in individual sterile packaging or in bulk sterile packaging
  • *Pipettes in individual sterile packaging are certified non-pyrogenic-/endotoxin-free and non-cytotoxic


25 ml serological pipette in optimized design

Due to their weight, 25 ml pipettes generally have a considerable range of movement in pipetting aid adapters. This makes it more difficult to handle them and to dispense the precise amount of sample material and in the worst cases can lead to a poor seal between the pipette and the adapter.

  • Small guide ribs on the mouthpiece of the pipette provide an improved fit in the pipetting aid adapter, to minimize undesirable motion of the filled pipette
  • The close contact between the guide ribs and the adapter housing minimizes dripping from unwanted movement


Serological pipettes are also known as: serological pipets, blow-out pipettes, graduated pipettes, pipettes, laboratory pipettes, laboratory pipets, lab pipettes, lab pipets, pipettors, and pipets


Supplied by Sarstedt. Usually ships within 1 week.  Sarstedt products can only be shipped within the continental United States (U.S.).

Note: picture shown not necessarily indicative of pipette size/color

Additional information


1 mL, 2 mL, 5 mL, 10 mL, 25 mL

Catalog Number 1 mL: SDT-86.1251.025; 2 mL: SDT-86.1252.025; 5 mL: SDT-86.1253.025; 10 mL: SDT-86.1254.025; 25 mL: SDT-86.1685.020
Manufacturer / Country of Origin Sarstedt / Germany
Lot Number Included with shipment
Pipette Material Polystyrene (PS)
Pipette Color Transparent
International Color Code 1 mL: Yellow; 2 mL: Green; 5 mL: Blue; 10 mL: Orange; 25 mL: Red
Design With tip, plugged
Sterility Sterile
Graduation Yes, positive and negative scale
Diameter / Length 4 mm / 270 mm
Quantity 1 mL: 1000; 2 mL: 1000; 5 mL: 500; 10 mL: 500; 25 mL: 200
Packaging Bulk sterile packaging; Pack Size: 1 mL: 25; 2 mL: 25; 5 mL: 25; 10 mL: 25; 25 mL: 20
Storage Room temperature
Shipping Info Ambient temperature; Ships from manufacturer
Also Known As Serological pipets, blow-out pipettes, graduated pipettes, pipettes, laboratory pipettes, laboratory pipets, lab pipettes, lab pipets, pipettors, and pipets
Product Use This product is for research use only. It is not approved for use in humans, animals, or for diagnostic procedures.
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