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Tissue Culture Flask, Sterile, Green Vent Cap for Suspension Cells by Sarstedt


Tissue culture flask, PS surface: hydrophobic for suspension cells, canted neck, filter cap, green, TC Tested

All cell culture flasks are made of high-grade transparent polystyrene processed into a flat growth surface that is ideal for microscopic observation. All cell culture flasks are tested and certified with the ‘TC tested’ quality seal, which guarantees them to be sterile, pyrogen-free/endotoxin-free, non-cytotoxic, DNA-free, and free from DNase and RNase.

Sarstedt suspension culture surface – culture vessels with the green coded, hydrophobic growth surfaces are ideally suited for suspension cells (usually cells of lymphoid origin, hybridoma cells, etc.) that are not adherently cultivated in solution. The hydrophobic surface minimizes cell losses caused by unwanted microadhesion during sub-cultivation.

The Quick-Release cap is particularly user-friendly, because only a 1/3 turn is needed to close or open it. To prevent accidental self-closing the cap thread features a defined ‘stop’. The vent cap has a filter with a 0.2 µm pore size, ensuring a consistent sterile gas exchange. The hydrophobic properties of the filter minimize the risk of contamination.

Characteristics of Sarstedt Cell Culture Flasks

  • All corners accessible with serological pipettes and cell scrapers
  • Large labeling fields on both sides of the neck and printed and molded graduations facilitate use of the products
  • Highly stable and stackable design
  • The optimized canted neck and the anti-drip rim allow the medium to be tilted easily without spilling and contamination
  • Lot number and expiration date are printed on each flask for easy traceability after removal from the packaging
  • All Sarstedt tissue culture flasks are available with three different growth surfaces and can be clearly identified from the colored caps
    • Red = for adherent cells
    • Yellow = for difficult adherent cells
    • Green = for suspension cells

Supplied by Sarstedt.

Note: picture shown not necessarily indicative of cap type.

Additional information

Flask Surface Area

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Catalog Number 25 cm2: SDT-83.3910.502; 75 cm2: SDT-83.3911.502; 175 cm2: SDT-83.3912.502
Manufacturer / Country of Origin Sarstedt / Germany
Lot Number Included with shipment
Flask Material Polystyrene (PS)
Cap Material Polyethylene (PE)
Cap Color / Style Green / vent cap with 0.2 µm pore size filter
Cell Type Suspension
Sterility Sterile
Purity Standard TC Tested (Sterile/DNA-/DNase-/RNase-/Pyrogen-free/non-cytotoxic)
Quantity 25 cm2: 300/case; 75 cm2: 100/case; 175 cm2: 40/case
Packaging 25 cm2: 10/bag; 75 cm2: 5/bag; 175 cm2: 5/bag
Storage Room temperature
Shipping Info Ambient temperature; Ships from manufacturer
Product Use This product is for research use only. It is not approved for use in humans, animals, or for diagnostic procedures.
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