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We provide a large range of stem cell products specified by species, age, sex, and tissue, and carry a large selection of BM-MSCs, ADSCs, UC-MSCs, and other placental MSCs, as well as HUVECs, PBMCs and T cells, ready to ship to you today.

Additionally, we offer cell culture media (DMEM/F12, RPMI 1640, MCDB 131, DMEM high glucose, and more), reagents (detachment solutions, balanced salt solutions, media supplements, small molecules, and more), differentiation media, cryopreservation media, labware (flasks, plates, dishes, serological pipettes, cell spreaders, centrifuge tubes, cryopreservation tubes, filters, pipette tips, racks, sealing films, and more), laboratory equipment, and kits and assays for all your cell culture research needs.

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Why JangoCell? We Have Unique Cell and Tissue Types.

JangoCell carries numerous cell types from humans, dogs, cats, and rats, including unique cell and tissue types such as cat UC-MSCs and placental MSCs.

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