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We are a division of JangoBio, an R&D-stage biotechnology company located in Madison, WI and founded by UW-Madison researchers. Our parent company’s goal is to create a stem cell-based hormone replacement therapy. Through this research, we have developed several products and services that are useful to researchers like us. Hence, JangoCell was formed to offer these to you.

We offer several products for researchers like you

Well-characterized stem cell lines

Our stem cell lines come along with important data about the source of the original tissues. Age and sex of the donor can have significant impacts on your stem cell research, so we include this information along with a full flow cytometry panel.

Growth and freezing medias

We currently offer growth media (seen to the right, try a sample for free!) and two kinds of cell freezing media. Our cell freezing media is manufactured by Nacalai USA, and comes in DMSO-free and DMSO varieties.

Peel-top flasks, organoid plates and dishes

The peel-off flasks are great for conveniently accessing your cells, and the organoid plates and dishes work well for small-batch organoid experiments. These products are also offered through our partnership with Nacalai USA.

Kits and assays

Our first kit publicly available is a crystal violet assay for cell viability / toxicity. Of course, JangoBio uses other assays in its research. So we are going to offer more in the future. If there is a specific assay you’d like us to develop, let us know!

Do you use Alpha MEM?

We invite you to try our media – and will send you a free bottle of this comparable product absolutely free!

We also offer services that can accelerate your research

Flow cytometry

Our flow cytometry laboratory offers personalized services to research laboratories, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies. Utilizing the latest technology, our specialists offer state-of-the-art resources to aid in your research or product development.

Custom cell lines

Do you have a cell line in mind, but do not have the time or resources to develop it? We can work with you to develop the cell line from any species and tissue. Contact us to get started with a brief consultation to determine if the project is a fit for you.

Thank you for visiting! Contact us if you have any questions or comments!

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